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Our Strengths

The Answer to Workforce Challenges


Client Satisfaction

We aim for complete customer satisfaction and work closely with our clients. We take the time to understand our customer’s organisation structure, management style, culture, nature of their business and their business goals. Only then do we assist in recruiting individuals equipped with the required competencies, so as to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Our Expertise

Our team consists of dedicated and highly experienced individuals, equipped with in-depth industry knowledge. Their familiarity with the market grants them the ability to source and attract highly suitable candidates, providing our customers with the right fit. Our team is focused on delivering excellent customer care, and we do this by exercising high standards of professionalism and integrity throughout every process.



Our search technology platform allows for easy access to an extensive network of highly qualified candidates. In turn, we are able to provide our customers with swift and concise answers to their workforce challenges.


Global Network

We have built a respectable network of offices and accredited partner employment agencies in China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Equator Search is well connected with international associations and local recruitment networks, allowing us to expand our coverage far beyond our borders.

Meeting your every need

We offer a suite of services that meet every possible need our customers may have, allowing them to enjoy a fully customised solution.

International Resources

  • Cross-Border Talent Recruitment
  • Skilled Workers Recruitment
  • Skills Training & Testing Certification

Human Resources Consulting

  • Human Resources Management Consultancy
  • Corporate Training
  • Specialised Training
  • Measurements & Surveys
  • Psychometric Profiling