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Director’s Message

“ Our foundations date as far back as the early 1990s. During the early days, we were already specialising in cross-border recruitment, assisting companies with their seeking of talent from countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries.

Equator was founded in 1995 and over the years, it quickly become one of the preferred choices for recruitment agencies in Asia. As the years went by, I recognised that the industry was steadily evolving. Being the pioneer founder of the company, I knew that if we were to continue thriving, the business had to keep up by sharpening its focus. ”

Mr Terrence Chua

Founding Director

Hence in 2008, we ventured into placement, executive search and IT, forming entire subsidiaries that could focus entirely on each specific area. Although we explored different aspects of the industry, we never lost sight of our integrity. We remained focused on providing a high standard of service, supporting our customers throughout every process. While the service industry has few tangible aspects, we have constantly provided our customers with tremendous value over the years.

When MOM introduced several policy changes, we immediately adapted ourselves by adhering to all the requirements. Instead of viewing the changes as hurdles, we took them as steps in further improving the business. We even became the pioneering batch in obtaining the Certificate of Employment (CEI). We stayed up to date with the latest policies, allowing our customers to maintain a peace of mind. We were the very benchmark that MOM expected other companies in the industry to meet.

When we established Equator Search in 2014, we fully utilised over 20 years of experience to advance its growth. We started with a focus on delivering the right results to our clientele. That’s why our team consists of experts in their own industries. Each of our consultants has a wealth of experience behind them, and proven track records for matching high profile talents with the right organisations. Equipped with our sophisticated search platforms and respectable networks, our experienced consultants always delivered results.

Aside from helping organisations find the right fit, we also strived to provide a more holistic solution. Over time, Equator Search started providing other complementary services, including recruitment, mapping, sourcing of required nationalities, interviewing candidates, short-listing prime candidates, handling of documentation and various logistics required for the task at hand. We also made sure to provide adequate support, long after a sale was made.

Our customers were always delighted with our one-stop service, and we were fortunate enough to forge several long-term partnerships. We understand that in today’s evolving industry, simply finding the “perfect manpower solution” is no longer sufficient.

That’s why we are exceeding expectations and providing our clients with holistic support from start to end. Therefore we always…

"Search Beyond the Best"