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Human Resource Consultancy

To provide customers with holistic staffing services, we have included a range of complementary human resources services.

Human Resources Management Consultancy

Our customers will receive expert advice and assistance that support their corporate objectives. We also design and deliver business-centred directions that help overcome a range of HR issues.

Satisfaction Surveys and Research

To help customers gain a better understanding of the events going on within their organisation, we provide customised organisation climate and employee surveys, quick employee satisfaction snapshots, customer satisfaction statistics and mystery shopping.

Psychometric / Assessment Tools

In our efforts to help customers reduce candidate selection errors, we provide training for utilising psychometric and assessment tools to better identify the right candidates during selection. Such tools can also be used for development purposes.

Corporate Training

We provide customers with access to a rich pool of speakers and trainers, all of whom are specialists within their own industries. Corporate training includes motivational talks, training programmes in Leadership and Supervisory Management, Service Quality, Change Management, Team Building, Recruitment and Interview and many others…

Specialised Training

Since most companies are never truly the same, specialised training is therefore essential in standing out from the competition. We provide specialised training that is tailored for specific needs, to equip staff with skills needed for industries like Retail, Call Centre and F&B.

Ongoing Training

We assist our customers in identifying which of their personnel should pursue upgrading and training courses, as required by the authorities. This ensures that our customers continually meet the requirements set by respective authorities.